Laëtitia DRISS (doctorante)

École doctorale : SEVAB
Équipe de recherche : UMR EDB
Direction : Alexandra Magro (ENSFEA) & Rachid Hamidi
Financement : Association Nationale Producteur de Noisettes (ANPN)

Titre : Étude de l’écologie du ravageur de la noisette Palomena prasina L. (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae), dans le but de développer une lutte intégrée.

Résumé : The green shield bug (GSB), Palomena prasina (L.) (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae), is a widespread Palearctic herbivore species. In recent years, its populations increased in South West of France and it has become an important pest of hazelnuts. Adults and nymphs feed on nuts leading to empty nuts and shriveled and necrotic kernels. These damages represent a huge threat to hazelnut production, and the development of a sustainable strategy to control this pest is needed to limit crop losses. The aim of the PhD thesis is to study the spatial and temporal dynamics of the GBS to contribute to an IPM strategy for the control of this pest in hazelnut orchards. Four main questions will be tackled:
1) The temporal population dynamics and phenology of the species along the year, to develop a forecasting model,
2) The study of the dispersion ability and daily activity of GSB, to help plan for spatial and temporal targeted chemical treatments with low remanence molecules,
3) The characterization of the natural habitats, including the overwintering sites, and trophic relationships of GSB to define strategies for the management of natural habitats to reduce pest survival and reproduction,
4) The study the community and relative interest of native parasitoids for the control of P. prasina.

Mots-clés : palomena prasina ; population dynamics ; dispersion ; natural habitats ; parasitoids.

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